Replica bell for Milford?

aN HISTORIC bell which was stolen from Milford and recently recovered in a scrapyard may never return to its original location for fear it will be taken again.

The bell described as “irreplaceable” by officials at the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, was taken last September. Nigel Enright, managing director at Inca Metals in Ashbourne, paid £560 for the bronze bell and was planning to restore it when he realised it was stolen and reported the theft.

Heritage site co-ordinator Adrian Farmer said it might be better to have a replica bell in place. He said: “It would be a shame for the village because it is such a big part of Milford’s history. But having it within reach of possible metal thieves is not a good idea.”

The bell was cast in 1781 and was rung to workers in for work.