Residents’ say on Cinderhill homes

THE first exhibitions detailing proposals for a major new housing development between Belper and Denby have taken place.

Nearby residents met with planning officers from Amber Valley Borough Council and representatives from the Commercial Estates Group (CEG), which wants to build up to 3,000 homes on the controversial Cinderhill site.

The massive area of land to the east of the A38 and north of Denby Bottles is being considered by the council as a late candidate for a possible large-scale housing site – easing the burden on the 16 largely rural sites designated across the borough so far.

At the first of four exhibitions around the area, held at John Flamsteed Community School in Denby, concerns were raised over the tar-pit laden land.

Kelly Patrick, a technology teacher at the school, said: “The fact that it is going to be built on these toxic tar pits will cause all host of environmental issues.

“They will have to dig very deep to get rid of them. And I think this area here, which is currently very nice, could be ruined with the extra influx of people .”

Development project manager for CEG Charles Johnson said the firm was not taking the issue of potentially toxic tar pits on the site lightly.

He said: “There’s a very detailed piece of work that needs to take place in terms of the best method to clear these pits up. There is a whole myriad of options. What is in them, what the ultimate use is going to be and the geology of particular sites is going to effect how it is cleared.”

The council says the consultations, which also took place in Belper, Kilburn and Ripley, will help the authority determine whether there is public support for building a new settlement.