Road safety group urges Derbyshire people to carry free medical card

DERBY and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership is urging riders to carry a free card which they can use to record vital information about their medical history.

The cards – which are produced by the Ambulance Motorcycle Club – give medics the information they need to treat the carrier in the event of a crash. They also feature advice for the carrier about what to do if they are the first person on the scene after a crash.

Andy Adlington, the partnership’s motorcycle project officer, said: “Our message to riders is ‘carry the card – it could save your life!’.

“Crash cards are designed to be kept in the lining of your helmet. They come with a green sticky dot which you can attach to your helmet so medical staff know you are carrying a card.

Andy added: “The Ambulance Motorcycle Club asks bikers to store their cards in their helmets rather than their wallets because it’s easy to get separated from your bike and other belongings in the event of a crash.

“The cards are designed to be used by medical professionals only – you should never try to remove someone’s helmet at the scene of a crash unless they are having trouble breathing.”

Simon Harris is a paramedic who works for East Midlands Ambulance Service as their assistant director of operations for Derbyshire. He said: “In an emergency it is vital that we get as much medical history information about the person we’re treating as possible, so we can be sure that the action we are taking and the drugs we give to treat the patient will help them.

“These cards allow us to get that information quickly and I urge motorcyclists in the county to take advantage of the free card.”

Riders who would like a free crash card should call motorcycle project officer Andy Adlington on 01629 538067 or 07827 308480.