Rushing the weekly shop can seriously harm your waistline

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The New Year brings replenished motivation, with healthy resolutions often being a common theme.

More exercise, consume more fresh fruits and vegetables and finally cutting down on the not so good sugary and salty products.

Being conscious and wise about what we consume can be the toughest battle due to the mass of constant daily temptations, yet eating well can be the most physically and mentally rewarding life adjustment when executed correctly.

Food shopping can be a trawling task and many of us wish to get it over and done with in the shortest possible time.

However, research suggests that when rushing around a supermarket people are more inclined to add products to their basket without thinking about its need.

The food we eat accounts for over 60% of our physical healthy state, so taking five minutes before shopping to make a list of products to buy, will not only save Great British pounds but waistline pounds too.

It goes without saying that shopping becomes a great deal easier when products are understood.

A great place to start is to seek the benefits of products such as fruit and vegetables.

At this time of year we have enjoyed the indulgence that Christmas brings and now want to be healthier but satisfied.

Choosing protein and fibrous products will maintain satisfaction for longer.

Here are three portion-controlled dishes that will pack you with goodness.

Homemade Soup – Blend cooked butternut squash, carrots and sweet potato for a seasonal soup.

Knowing what is going into your meal allows you to keep count of your 5 a day intake and more significantly salt intake is reduced. Choose wholegrain bread to accompany your delicious soup.

Chicken Stir Fry – Include peppers, mushrooms and leafy greens such as cabbage or spinach because they are packed with antioxidants and known to have many healing and cleansing properties.

Sweet jacket potato with tuna – Tinned salmon and mackerel are also a good alternatives.

Eating oily fish provides the body with much-needed omega 3, boosting brain power and nourishing the skin and hair.

Go easy on the mayo or instead try Quark; a fat free, high protein cream cheese or combine fish with chopped up beetroot for a moist nutritional accompany to the sweet potato.

Add a small leafy green salad for a crunch on the side.

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