Safety fear for pupils

A CONCERNED mum fears it is only a matter of time before a child is run over by a car outside a school in Belper.

The mother-of-two claims it is virtually impossible to cross the road outside St John’s Primary School at opening and closing time.

Parents in a rush are being blamed as they scramble for somewhere to park outside the school on Laund Nook.

The mum, who has two children at the school, did not want to be named, but said the situation every morning and afternoon could be a recipe for disaster.

She said: “Cars are double-parked, some park on the yellow zig-zag lines, others park on the pavements and grass verges. Some even block residents’ driveways.

“Residents also have to back off driveways with their viewpoint blocked by double-parked cars. Because people are running late they park anywhere.

“I grip onto my children’s hands for dear life when we are trying to cross that road safely. But my little boy, in a hurry to beat his friends to school, will sometimes pull away from me.

“The safety issue is paramount. It’s only a matter of time before there is an accident. I am worried it will take an accident before someone takes action. It only takes a second to run someone over.

“These cars need to go elsewhere. What are the authorities going to do about it?”

Dr Peter Blunsdon, head teacher at the school, admitted there was a problem.

He said: “We have had this concern since about 1990, but it does seem to be getting worse.

“We are trying to get something done about it, perhaps some signs.”

Dr Blunsdon also had a message for parents of children at the school. He urged: “Please park thoughtfully. Bear in mind there are approximately 500 children at the school and not every parent can park on Laund Nook.

“If that means parking somewhere else or walking to school, then please do. It could be your child that gets injured or your car that gets scraped.”

A Derbyshire County Council spokesman said: “We haven’t been contacted directly by residents but were made aware of their concerns via police on Thursday, February 2.

“We will be visiting the site to assess the extent of congestion and establish whether the introduction of waiting restrictions or other traffic control measures are necessary.”