Safety probe at rail station

Ron Davidson rail concerns
Ron Davidson rail concerns

A PROBE has been launched after fears large loose stones could fall close to the track at Belper railway station.

The coping stones on the top of a wall have been loosened due to roots from nearby bushes.

The potential problem was noticed by Belper pensioner Ron Davidson, in his late 70s, who contacted the Belper News after fearing the stones might fall on the line.

We have now contacted rail bosses who are looking into the matter and will check the safety of the area of wall.

Mr Davidson, a retired oil industry worker, of Penn Street, is concerned that the stones might topple off the 15ft high wall and tumble down on to the railway line below.

The large stones, which are at least three foot long and one foot in depth, are on top of a wall on the southbound side platform.

When our reporter visited the station he saw that the stones had been dislodged by the bushes and trees that surrounded them, and were no longer resting squarely on the wall. Instead they have been uprooted about nine or ten inches from where they are supposed to lay.

Mr Davidson fears that they could one day fall, hit the face of the wall and roll down on to the track.

He said: “It is frightening to think what might happen to one of the trains if these stones were on the line,” said Ron.

“The train might come to a sudden stop and carriages might derail.”

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“It would cause the mother of all crashes if those stones came down.”

Ron says he tried to report the problem before, about two years ago.

“Some other coping stones were cemented down, on the ramp down to the platform, so I wonder whether they got the wrong ones.

“It looks like a branch is holding them up at the moment, but if that was to give it could become a dangerous situation.

“They are massive stones. They could be down on the railway line in a moment.

“They would block the lines up. I hope I’m not down Belper when they drop off.”

The stones in question are towards the bottom end of the platform, at the end where southbound trains approach from.

A spokeswoman for East Midlands Trains said: “We have told our estates team about it and they are going to report it to Network Rail.

“Network Rail were not aware of it.”

A spokeswoman for Network Rail said: “We have a 24-hour helpline for the public to report concerns like this. It is 08457 114141.”