Schools’ funding success

three schools in the Belper area are to receive a cash handout totalling almost half a million pounds from a £20 million pot, it has been announced this week.

A bumper cash windfall of £19.919 million is earmarked by Derbyshire County Council for building improvements to 49 schools.

Schools to benefit around Belper are Meadows Primary School, in Duffield, Crich Junior School and Belper School.

They will receive £462,000 between them, in a move which will soften the blow of last year’s government cuts that saw the amount of money given to schools to maintain and improve their buildings slashed.

Belper School, on John O’Gaunts Way, will get £132,000 to replace an old boiler and £110,000 to replace old windows and doors.

Meadows Primary will be boosted by £110,000 to replace old boilers, while Crich Junior will receive £110,000 for re-roofing.

John Young, deputy head at Belper School, said: “We are very pleased. We will be replacing 35-year-old rotten windows and a boiler that has just broken and is rusted beyond repair.”

Chris Watkins, headteacher at The Meadows, was equally pleased. She said: “The current boilers are old and not very efficient. This will help us heat the school more efficiently, which will save us money and therefore improve the children’s education even more.”

Bruce Buckley, the council’s strategic director for children and younger adults, said: “This funding is a real boost for schools.

“We have given priority to buildings that are in the worst condition or where improvements are needed for health and safety reasons.”