Search party find pony horsing around

Corrina Northover-Brewer and Star, back at home at last.
Corrina Northover-Brewer and Star, back at home at last.

He may be under four feet tall, but a miniature horse prompted a huge response when he went missing in Smalley.

Little Star got himself into a tight squeeze when he bolted away from owner 16-year-old owner Corinna Northover-Brewer (pictured) and disappeared for three days.

He was found safe and well wedged in a small gap at the side of a house in the village, where he had most likely been the whole time.

Dozens of villagers and concerned folk from as far away as Mansfield, Derby and Sheffield answered calls via Facebook to help find him.

Corinna’s mum Heidi Northover said they were ‘so relieved’ to have him back, having feared that he had either been stolen or died in the below freezing temperatures.

“He means the world to us,” she said, “Corinna said she’s never letting him out of her sight again.”

Corrina was walking Star around the village with his sledge attached when he was startled and bolted leaving the Heanor Gate pupil to fall in the ice and lose sight of him.

Heidi added that she has been overwhelmed by the response from, not just friends and villagers, but complete strangers, who saw her appeals via social media.

“We just couldn’t believe it,” she said, “The community really has come together.”

One villager offered to go out in his microlight and tracker dogs came from Sheffield to help the search effort.

He was eventually found after a villager reported hearing neighing but could not pinpoint where from.

Star was spotted in a 2ft-wide gap behind an old Christmas tree where he had been kept warm by the heat from vents and munched on bark.

“He was shaking but it’s really a miracle that he managed to stay alive,” said Heidi.

A Welcome Home Star event is being held at the Bell Inn, Smalley, on Friday at 7pm to thank everyone who helped.