Seaside Christmas for surprise baby

Baby James with parents Jane and Gary Eadie.
Baby James with parents Jane and Gary Eadie.

THE baby born in the street in Belper to a woman who did not even know she was pregnant will spend his first Christmas in Blackpool.

Little James Terrance Eadie, who looked fantastic in a Santa suit when the News went to visit this week, was a completely unexpected arrival for proud parents Jane and Gary Eadie.

Baby James with parents Jane and Gary Eadie.

Baby James with parents Jane and Gary Eadie.

But now they are eagerly anticipating their first Christmas with the new arrival.

Jane, 44, said: “We are looking forward to Christmas.

“James will be getting some clothes and a few teddy bears.

“He’s a bit young for too much, but everyone is making a fuss.”

By the time January arrives, three-month-old James will be very well-travelled for his age.

Dad Gary, 56, who has retired from his job at Denby Pottery, said: “We will be in Blackpool with friends on Christmas Day.

“Then we are going to see family in Scotland for the New Year.

“And James has been to Skegness already. He is already well-travelled!”

Cute James arrived in the world on September 24, amid dramatic scenes.

Jane was shopping in Belper with Gary, their daughter Elizabeth Anderson, son-in-law Andrew Anderson, and grandson Andrew Jnr, four.

She had been complaining of stomach pains throughout the morning, and thought she had a stomach upset as she sat down on a bench on King Street, opposite the Green House pub, at about 12.30pm. But instead, she gave birth to James, a healthy baby boy who weighed in at 5lb 13oz.

When the News spoke to her in hospital a few days after the birth, she said: “I had no idea I was pregnant.”

Now, three months on, baby James is settling into life, while his parents, from Langley Mill, who already have two grown-up children, but are getting used to changing nappies again.

Gary said: “He is fine. It is a bit strange, but we are enjoying it. He has his moments, and he can be very loud. But that’s normal for kids.”

Jane joked: “He is keeping us busy and making us get behind on our Christmas stuff!”

But she added: “He is doing really well, there have been no problems at all. He now weighs 9lb 10oz. “We are looking forward to Christmas with him.”