Second Peregrine found dead at East Mill after cold snap

Hopes that a pair of Peregrine Falcons might breed at East Mill have been dashed, after one of the birds was found dead.

Spotters had reported the birds of prey were making a nest and the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, who are based at East Mill, were excitedly recording sightings.

However, following snow and icy temperatures this week one of the creatures was found to have perished.

It is the second time that a pair of Peregrines have begun to set-up home at the mill in recent months only for one of them to be found dead. In May last year another male was found lifeless following a cold spell.

Heather Turley, spokeswoman for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, said: “A member of the public brought it in to the office.We think it was the male but we are currently unsure of the cause of death. It will be sent for autopsy as happened with last year’s dead male.

“We suspect though that it has succumbed to the weather. The birds had been very active recently and we were hoping that they would be able to raise young this year, so this is a real blow. We are grateful to the gentleman who kindly retrieved the bird and brought it to us.”