Share your ideas about disability in Belper

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Would you be able to answer the following questions?

-Is it OK to say “the disabled one”?

-Is it OK to ask a wheelchair user if they want to go for a walk?

-Where does the word ‘handicapped’ come from?

-Ask “Can you have sex”?

Uncomfortable or unsure? So were the people who came on the Accessible Belper training last week.

The Introduction to Disability Equality gives everyone the opportunity to share their concerns and misgivings around disability in a fun and comfortable environment.

Using a George Gunby play, videos and quizzes the session aims to end awkwardness and build understanding and awareness.

The play is a comedy encompassing Siobhan Fennell’s 20 years of experience as a disabled person, from constantly talking over her head to assuming she must be deaf or stupid or both.

Fear and stigma surrounds the issue of dementia. So the disability equality training was followed by a dementia friendship session.

One in 14 people live with dementia and Dementia Champion Trevor Gee gave an insight to the different types of dementia and some tips on how to live well with the condition.

One in five people in our community are now living with a disabling condition.

Accessible Belper works to raise the issues and ensure that people can take practical steps to ensure that Belper uses its kindness, appropriate language and is able to access the support available through local and national agencies.

Over the coming months, Accessible Belper aims to roll out this training for local organisations, businesses, schools, carers, friends and relatives.

So if you would like them to provide the training for you or your organisation, contact or ring Siobhan Fennell on 01773 826477.