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Dame Edna fun
Dame Edna fun

STAFF and residents from a Holbrook care home donned Dame Edna Everage’s trademark butterfly glasses to raise awareness of the link between reduced vision and falls in elderly people.

Figures released by the local health authority to coincide with National Falls Awareness Week last week show that 38,452 people aged 65 or over fell in Derbyshire between April 2009 and April 2010.

NHS Derbyshire and Holbrook Hall Care Home, on Makeney Road, joined forces to say simple measures such as regular eye tests and keeping glasses clean are critical in helping older people stay on their feet.

Morag Vaughan, owner of the care home, said: “We would never dream of wearing a pair of Dame Edna’s glitzy glasses in real life, but they are a fun way of helping us all to focus on the importance of wearing the right glasses and having an eye test at least every two years.”