Superstores pledge to sort pothole repairs

NBENBE110725c2, Cars negotiating pot holes near belper Morrisons.
NBENBE110725c2, Cars negotiating pot holes near belper Morrisons.

Supermarket giant Tesco has pledged to repair the potholes in the service road leading to Morrisons in Belper.

The state of the access to the store, its petrol station, De Bradelei, McDonald’s and the former Focus store has long been a bone of contention.

Furious motorists have said the road leading off the A6 at the Derby Road, Chapel Street roundabout was in a worse condition than some dirt tracks.

This week Tesco said it owned the road and told The News that the repair work was now all in hand and would hopefully be sorted shortly.

A spokeswoman said that the road would be repaired “in the near future” after some legal wrangles were sorted out.

“Under legal titles we are able to recover the cost of repairing the road from the stores that have use of it,” said the spokeswoman.

“These stores do not want us to do the work during trading hours, so we need their approval when to go ahead.”

When the work is finally done it will bring to an end a saga that has dragged on for months.

One angry motorist, Carol Marriott, of Belper, said she tried to get in touch with Tesco after being told by Morrisons that Tesco owned the road. But she got no response.

“It is disgusting to say the least,” said Carol.

“These potholes are dreadful, you have to literally ‘walk’ your car through them.

“They have been there for six to seven months – surely something should have been done about them by now.”

Carol received an email from the customer services department at Morrisons which said Tesco was writing to all the relevant traders seeking contributions towards the additional cost of repairs due to out of trading hours work.

It also said that if that could not be agreed then they would do the work during normal hours.

Carol, said: “I think the more people know about it the better and then something might get done.

“It is disgusting and it has gone on for too long.

“It’s appalling that it has not been sorted out by now I know people who have damaged their cars on it.”

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “We are taking the poor state of the road very seriously indeed, and therefore have asked Tesco for permission to undertake the necessary work.

“We are still awaiting a response from them.”