Tesco debate: Faith that shops will continue to thrive

Having read the various comments in the September 19th issue I would like to add my voice to those in favour of the TESCO plan BUT ONLY if it includes the relief road across the meadows. We desperately need a relief road in Belper. Anyone who has sat in traffic queues on the

A6 waiting for a single brewery delivery lorry to unload will surely agree! The wait for the council to do anything about it in the present financial climate will surely be a very long one!

I have to say that I don’t buy the BATS argument that a TESCO superstore would necessarily damage the town centre. Anyone who prefers supermarket shopping will already be using Morrisons or the Co-op. What a Tesco store would certainly do is provide stiff competition to Morrisons which supermarket shoppers could well benefit from. My belief is that as well as providing much needed extra employment and a very welcome improvement in traffic flow it will also finance the regeneration of a very untidy derelict area.

I have faith that good shops in the town will continue to thrive.

Morrisons has not stopped queues forming in Howarths, Fresh Basil, Birds etc. and neither will Tesco!

One final point, unlike Matlock which was cited as an example of potential problems in one letter, Belper has very good car parking next to the town centre. Matlock has virtually no parking except that provided by Sainsburys.

J Millward