The Games will have local legacy

There was a defininte split between the people of Belper when I asked them whether they had been enjoying the Paralympic Games this week (page eight).

Those who had embraced the Games had been inspired by the athletes and impressed by their personal stories.

However, there was still some apathy about London 2012 in general.

Not because the Paralympics are in any way less important than the Olympics I might add, but rather because people have felt that as a whole the events in London haven’t connected with people here in Belper.

There’s a finale concert to the Games being held in Belper’s River Gardens this week.

Swimmer Ross Davenport is also from the area and his appearance at the Games did attract some added interest from townfolk here in Belper.

Obviously the events would have had more impact on people if the town was transported 100 miles south and we were in the thick of it. However, I sincerely hope that people have been inspired by it and some of our local youngsters will get more involved in sport as a result of what they have seen.

Andrew Wakefield

@belper latest