Time capsule vault buried in town gardens

Mayor Joe Booth (left) and organiser Peter Davies with the time capsule vault
Mayor Joe Booth (left) and organiser Peter Davies with the time capsule vault

A vault stacked full of time capsules has been buried in Belper’s Beaurepaire Gardens for future generations to uncover.

Thirty-nine local groups including schools, scouting groups, charities and churches were invited to fill their own capsule for the event on Wednesday, June 4.

The large wooden box in which they are contained will be dug-up in 50 years time so that the items stored inside will be within the living memory of the people who buried them.

Despite wet weather, around 200 people attended to hand over their container.

Peter Davies, who organised the event, said: “It was a great success after a lot of work organising it.

“All the children who attended were very well behaved - and it will be those children who will be the historians of the future when this is dug-up in 2064.

“They will be able to help people at that time all about the items inside. That’s why I chose 50 years rather than the typical 100.

“It will enable people to learn about history in a way that is not through books but directly from the mouths of the people who were there and there will also be a lot of accurate information contained within.

“A lot of work has gone into ensuring the containers are airtight and watertight so they will survive 50 years.

“Each group who took part will also receive a certificate so that they will be reminded in 50 years time to resurrect the capsules.”

Each person attending was also given a brand new one penny piece to throw in the vault. The Mayor of Belper Councillor Joe Booth unveiled the vault.

He said: “ Credit to Peter for organising the event - I take my hat off to him for that.

“I doubt I will be around to see the vault unearthed - but I’m sure those that are will have a good laugh at how we used to live.

“Just look at how mobile phones have changed over the last five years.

“Fifty years is a long time - it will be amazing to people in the future how much things have altered.”

Refreshments were also served and after the ceremony local musician Jasper Malone entertained the crowd.

Andrea Fox, founder of the Drop Inn Youth Centre was among those contributing a time capsule.

She said: “We placed information about the Drop Inn and the youth of Belper and the young people we work with inside ours.

“It was a wonderful event, attended by people of ages. So many people turned up - and it was something we were proud to be part of.”