Town’s MP champions women’s organisation

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belper’S MP Pauline Latham has called for people in the town to become ‘Godmothers’ and help lift millions of women out of poverty abroad.

She wants people to join the Godmother’s Campaign and aid the newly-established UN women’s agency.

The agency is the UN organisation dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women.

Ms Latham delivered a video address to Godmothers at a mass lobby at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday, February 16.

“I hope that we are going to be supporting UN Women,” said Ms Latham. “By delivering real rights to women in the developing world, ending violence against women and providing them with economic and educational opportunities, UN Women will be able to help lift millions of women and girls out of poverty. It is shocking to see that among women aged between 15 and 44, acts of violence cause more death and disability than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war combined.

“Despite doing two-thirds of the work, women earn just 10 per cent of the world’s income. Evidence shows that when women earn and manage their own money they are more likely than men to spend it on educating and feeding their children.”