Town’s paramedics to share station

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Belper’s ambulance crew will have to share their facilities in future, as part of cutbacks announced this week.

East Midlands Ambulance Service approved their estates strategy on Monday night, which will see a new style community ambulance station set-up in the town.

It is thought the current small outpost at Babington Hospital would be retained following a visit last year by EMAS chief executive Phil Milligan who said the building looked suitable.

However, EMAS have now said paramedics in the town will share with other public servants.

It is not yet clear whether that will mean keeping the crew at the hospital or moving them to another building.

Crews will also have to collect and drop off their ambulances at Chesterfield or Derby at the start of each shift before driving them to Belper.

Mr Millgan said: “The changes we have approved at our Trust Board meeting will improve performance on life-threatening calls by nearly four per cent.”