Tracy endures -44C during Ohio freeze

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Tracy Maslanka, whose family live in Crich, has told how she has been braving temperatures of -44C during the recent ‘polar vortex’ storm in America.

The resident of Medina, Ohio, emailed the Belper News to share her experiences of the arctic blast, which has seen weather records broken in her home town.

The most extreme freezing temperatures were said to have affected nearly 190 million people.

However, while not sheltering from the severe conditions, Tracy was still able to carry out some fun scientific experiements.

She said: “In Ohio it is -44 with the wind chill, I took a glass of boiling water out side threw it in the air and made instant snow.

“I guess this is what Eskimoes do for fun!”

This week, temperatures were returning to normal for Tracy, whose parents Michael and June Moore live in Crich. The last time Medina in Ohio experienced below zero conditions was in 1994.

At least three Ohio deaths were linked to dangerously cold weather that closed schools, caused power outages and broke water pipes.

Some forecasters were predicting the arctic air mass wouldn’t survive the journey across the Atlantic, arriving across the pond in Belper and the rest of the UK as a batch of windy, wet weather.

However, the popular Weather update-Derby Facebook page said this week there was a snow risk by tomorrow, January 16 of around 70 per cent.

A spokesman said: “Parts of these weather systems that’s bought snow in America will cross the Atlantic as rain, as these arrive over the UK these systems could clash with the freezing easterly air over the UK bringing significant snowfall.”

However BBC weather said, although there was a risk of frost, tomorrow’s weather for Belper was dominated by sunshine and showers.

Have you or your relatives endured the cold conditions in America?

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