Tribute plans to fire victims

Rachael Henson picture off facebook
Rachael Henson picture off facebook

heartbroken residents of Hulland Ward want to honour the memory of the four children killed in a house fire with a special tree and a bench.

This week neighbours, on a solemn Highfield Road, revealed they wanted a fitting tribute installed to remember the siblings who were “much-loved” in the village.

The horrific fire, on Monday, January 24, sent shock waves through the tiny community and the grief being felt there is still terribly raw, say locals.

The house fire claimed the lives of Tommy Henson, nine, Alisha Henson-Nulty, six, Rocco Henson-Nulty, four, and Appolonia Henson, two.

Their mum, Rachel Henson, pictured left, escaped from the rear of the home on Highfield Road before trying to force her way back in to save her children.

She has since released a statement through the police saying she is “inconsolable with grief”. The 45-year-old, who runs a hairdressers in Ashbourne, is being cared for by family and friends.

Her car still sits on the drive of the house – yesterday alongside 50 floral tributes and teddy bears.

Now, friends of the family want to do something to honour the youngsters.

Neighbour Joanne Newbury, who has three young children, wants a bench either on one of the two grass verges at the end of Highfield Road, or on nearby Hulland Park.

She said fellow neighbour Anna Murphy wanted to plant a memorial tree on the other grass verge at the end of the road.

“I think a bench with their names on would be nice,” said Joanne. “I would prefer it to be here on the road because this is the kids’ road and this is where they lived.

“Everyone on the road loved them. It would be nice to have something to remember them by.

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