Twins delight for two Belper couples on record day at hospital

Saturday September 17, 2016, will live long in the memory of midwives at the maternity unit at Royal Derby Hospital.

Within the space of 14 hours, a record total of five lots of twins were born.

During most weeks, the dedicated midwives help safely deliver one or two sets of twins at most, so that weekend’s five sets made it a ‘Super Saturday’.

Perhaps even more incredible, two of the five mums who gave birth are from the Belper area.

Michelle Mirza, of Kilburn, gave birth to Felix, weighing 4.7lbs and Elliot, weighing 5lbs, at 5.42am. A few hours later, Victoria Kirk, of Belper, also gave birth to two boys at 9.12am.

Michelle, 42, said: “We were the only planned set of twins on the day. The midwives kept saying ‘oooh, it’s another set of twins’.

“I was in labour for about 12 hours. They were a natural birth.

“We are really pleased. I got induced on Friday and gave birth on Saturday. They were born three weeks early.”

Michelle, who also has another son, Finn, aged seven, said that although both her and husband Af knew they were expecting twins, when they first found out it came as a “bit of a shock”.

“It is going to be hard work and involve a lot of money,” Michelle told the Belper News.

“But we are really pleased. We have waited a long time for them to come.

“Finn is really excited. He has always wanted another brother or sister for years. So to have two brothers is just fantastic for him.”

As of Friday (September 23), Michelle said her and dad Af had not managed to get out of the house but were enjoying their time with their newborns.

“They are the quietest babies ever, but I think that will change soon,” Michelle said.

“At the minute it is just one feed after another. Because they are so small we have to feed them every three hours.

“We have had a lot of family visit us. They have been coming around twice a day.”

The pair also paid tribute to all the staff at the hospital who helped deliver their twins safely.

Michelle added: “The staff at the hospital are just absolutely fantastic. We could not have received better care. They were amazing.”

Jane Haslam, head of midwifery at Derby Teaching Hospitals, said: “We usually deliver one or two sets of twins per week, so to have so many women who were expecting twins on our labour ward within such a short period of time was very unusual.

“It’s always a special moment when twins are born and it was particularly special on that Saturday when a record five sets of twins were born here at the Royal Derby Hospital. It’s certainly a shift our midwives and labour ward staff won’t forget!”