Two decades of birdies and beers

Belper Golf Society
Belper Golf Society

BACK in 1991 a group of enthusiastic golfers and drinkers at a Belper pub decided to form a golf society.

Twenty years on, the society is celebrating two decades of birdies and beers.

Originally named the Greyhound Golf Society, the inn’s then publican, the late Richard Shepherd, was the group’s chairman.

Their first outing, recalled current chairman and founder member Roger Marshall, was a golf day at Breedon.

“It poured with rain all morning,” said Roger. “But after a few sherbets in the clubhouse at lunch, the weather brightened up and we went out to play the second 18 holes!”

Formed with around a dozen members, the group, which was renamed the Belper Golf Society in January this year, currently has more than 30 names on the book.

There are three members still there from day one. Roger is one, the other two are brothers Jem and Simon Wheeler.

Roger said: “We are delighted to have made it to 20 years. When we first started I didn’t think we would still be here now. It started as a notice being put up one night asking if anyone fancied a game of golf.

“We have had some fantastic days – some of them very inebriated days as well!

“What started as a bit of fun just blossomed!”

The society has one golf day a month from March to October. They go to courses that are approximately one-and-a-half hour drive radius from Belper.

Next up are Buxton and High Peak on Friday, September 30, and the Fur and Feather at Coxmoor on Friday, October 28.

Also, once a year, they do a two-day trip, which they limit to courses within a two-and-a-half hour radius of Belper.

The society also holds meetings on the first Monday of every month at 8pm at the Strutt Club, Campbell Street, Belper.

Roger said the society was always looking for new members, so anyone interested in joining should contact the secretary Granville Morley on 01332 841389, or attend one of the monthly meetings.