Tyler, 10, treks in memory of beloved nana

An intrepid little boy from Belper has walked a gruelling 92 miles to raise money for charity after the death of his grandmother.

Ten-year-old Tyler Milbourne set out on his 92-mile trek to the seaside resort of Skegness in Lincolnshire on Saturday, August 17, with his dad Simon and will complete the trek.

Tyler, Of Belper Lane, decided he wanted to raise money for Cancer Research UK and ovarian cancer in memory of his nana, Lynn Masters, who died in April this year at the age of 57.

Proud mum Natalie, 30, said: “Tyler was extremely close to his nana and whilst she was alive he was devoted to helping her and wanting to cure cancer.

“She had cancer for two and half years and during that time Tyler visited her in hospital.

“He started looking into it. He’s a very inquisitive boy. We were very open about what was happening and what was going to happen.

“After she passed he said he was very upset but explained he was happy she was now safe and with the angels. He then went on to say he wanted to raise money to help others with cancer.

“So he decided he wanted to walk from Belper to Skegness to raise £250. He just came out with it! We said ‘You do know that’s a very long way!’”

Ambitious Tyler has already gathered £800 in sponsorship for the six-day walk and hopes to raise £1,000. He has been walking up top 40 miles a week in preparation for his trek.

Tyler, who told The News that he gets all his energy from sleeping, said: “We are going to have ten to 15 minute breaks along the way and I think that will be enough.

“I have been training by walking and running around where I live. I walked to Ripley and then I went swimming 

Tyler and his dad will take a tent and stay in bed and breakfasts along the way. Tyler attends Milford Primary School with his brother Charlie, aged seven. Natalie added: “We are incredibly proud of what he’s wanting to do. So far he has raised nearly £800 and we are hoping to get it up to £1,000.”