Valentine’s Day tips for the fellas!

Catherine Godwin, of Riverbank Floristry
Catherine Godwin, of Riverbank Floristry

A FLORIST from Milford wants to make sure all the men out there get it right this Valentine’s Day.

Catherine Godwin, who runs Riverbank Floristry, says she wants to guide the lost souls who are desperate to impress their partner — or potential partner — next Tuesday, February 14.

NBENBE120203e2, Catherine Godwin at riverbank Floristry has devised a plan for valentines for men.

NBENBE120203e2, Catherine Godwin at riverbank Floristry has devised a plan for valentines for men.

As Catherine pointed out, it may have started as a pagan fertility festival involving frolicking naked in the woods, but Valentine’s Day is now big business.

In the UK we will spend about £330 million pounds just to show how much we love someone. and more than two million bunches of flowers will handed over with love, indifference, guilt, or just on the off chance.

Catherine said: “I wanted to do something that helped men get it right and to encourage them to look at local florists!

“For men this is the time of year when things can go scarily wrong. Men account for over two thirds of the market for Valentine’s gifts and flowers and, truth be told, this is not an area of expertise for most of them.

“Recognising how commercial this day has become a lot of partners will say ‘Oh don’t bother, it doesn’t matter, it’s so commercial’. As if you are really going to believe that!”

So when a woman says she doesn’t want anything, it really means she wants something like flowers, chocolates, cards, jewellery or underwear, she insists.

The potential for getting things wrong is high, says Catherine. And with that in mind she has devised a guide to a few home truths about Valentine’s Day.

Catherine said: “Date – it is the 14th of February. Not the 15th or the weekend after! Card – despite what she said she does want a card and with something inside written by you!

“Chocolates are popular but the diet is only six weeks old! Underwear – believe me, warm flannel pyjamas is what she really wants!

“Romantic trip – the Biker’s Beefsteak Rally doesn’t count! Romantic meal – the one meal you cook yourself where you WILL get the credit!

“And flowers – it really is the thought that counts and not how much you spend!”