Villagers get speed guns to slow traffic

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Residents in the Ambergate area have been helping police to target motorists speeding through their neighbourhood.

Community Speed Watch volunteers have been joining officers from the local Safer Neighbourhood policing teams for the checks over the past few weeks.

They have spent time monitoring the speed of passing traffic through 30mph zones on the A6 Derby Road and Newbridge Road.

The Community Speed Watch initiative has been set up by police to help raise awareness of speed limits on local roads.

It involves residents and volunteers who are trained to use the equipment, being given the opportunity to carry out checks alongside officers.

PCSO Scott Hunt, of the Heage Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Community Speed Watch has been set up to help us raise awareness of the local speed limits will act as a reminder to drivers that they need to be mindful of their speed as they pass through those areas.

“During Community Speed Watch checks, the details of any vehicles found breaking the speed limit are noted and the owners sent a letter, which advises that they were caught during the check and urges them respect local speed limits.”

Drivers are also warned that if they are caught breaking the speed limit again, then they may face a fine and points on their licence and that enforcement may be carried out in those areas in the future.

Signs are put out to alert passing motorists, and volunteers wear high- visibility jackets during the sessions.

Helping out with the checks were Community Speed Watch Coordinator and resident Clive Brewin, along with fellow local resident Ian McLaren.

Mr Brewin said: “We live in a beautiful village, which sadly people drive through too quickly, too often.

“Our community feels blighted by speeding traffic and we want to work alongside the police to try and reduce this problem.”

Mr McLaren said: “I regularly walk my dog in the area and my main concern is for my safety, and the safety of others in the community. The 30mph limit is there for a reason so I would encourage motorists to respect it.

“I would hate to see someone get hurt.”

Anyone concerned about speeding in the area or interested in volunteering for Community Speed Watch should contact the Heage Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 or email