Warning after cat is ‘poisoned’

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A woman who claims her son’s cat was poisoned with anti-freeze is warning parents and pet owners to take extra care.

Jill Wood, of Hunter Road, Belper, made the plea after black-haired moggy Gypsy died on Sunday, April 6.

Jill, 54, said a vet had diagnosed the cause of death as anti-freeze and urged people to ensure they have not accidently left out any kind of poisonous liquids and to be on their guard for symptoms.

Gypsy’s health started to detoriate on Wednesday, April 2. Ms Wood said a vet had told her to take Gypsy home following a visit two days later, however she began to deteriorate again by Saturday, April 5.

Ms Wood said: “She could not walk just lay head up, eyes open twitching occasionally jumping at the sound of any sudden sound in the living room.

“I rushed her to emergency PDSA that night as she seemed delirious and she could not 
focus and kept trying to hide under the cupboard or climb the stairs which she could not as her back legs did not function.

“Gypsy was immediately admitted by a different vet who said she was very poorly. She was put on a drip and had blood tests.

“She passed away at 7.15 am Sunday morning after extreme suffering which lasted four days.

“The vets diagnosis is she was poisoned with anti- freeze.

“This could have been 
accidental but personally I don ‘t think so as I have been told there has been some incidents on the Parks Estate too.

“Why would someone do this to a much-loved family pet?”