Warning issued over council tax refund scam

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Residents in Amber Valley are being advised to watch out for a potential email scam which appears to offer a council tax refund.

This follows a suspicious email sent to Amber Valley Borough Council by an Amber Valley resident.

It contained a message advising the resident that they are eligible to receive a tax refund which can be reclaimed by completing and submitting bank details on the online form within the message.

The form asks for the recipient’s bank details.

Amber Valley’s Revenues Collection Manager Martin Hendy said: “The council sent out a similar warning a few months ago when we were informed that residents in Amber Valley were receiving telephone calls about refunds and it would seem now that scam emails relating to claiming refunds for council tax overpayments are circulating.”

The council is reminding residents never to give out personal details over the phone or by email.

If anyone has any doubts about any cold calls or emails they receive relating to council tax, they should call the council on 01773 841440.

Should anyone receive any contact they are unsure about, its legitimacy should be checked using the organisation’s contact details published in the phone book or with another reliable source of information.

The council urges people not to rely on details provided with the initial contact.