Is your car ready for snow conditions as forecasters issue Derbyshire weather warning?

As the Met Office issues a severe weather warning for snow and ice in Derbyshire next week, motorists are being warned to make sure their vehicles are ready for the bitterly-cold conditions.

The county council has stockpiled 27,000 tonnes of grit at its six depots across Derbyshire ready to be spread onto the road network.

Will your car cope with the ice and snow next week?

Will your car cope with the ice and snow next week?

The authority’s roads team has 36 gritters, all of which are fitted with snowploughs to keep the highways clear for road users.

The authority spends £3.5m gritting its highways network during a typical winter period.

Essential checks for drivers include:

* Check your oil

A gritter out on the roads of Derbyshire

A gritter out on the roads of Derbyshire

* Make sure windscreen wipers are in good working order

* Keep water levels topped up

* Make sure lights are clean and all bulbs, including your fog lights work

* Check your tyres pressure

* Ensure tyres have the legal amount of tread, it can take twice as long to stop when roads are wet and up to 10 times longer in icy conditions

* Ensure you have sufficient fuel for your journey if conditions worsen

Derbyshire County Council’s Highways highways team have also offered the following general advice on staying safe on the roads during bad weather:

In icy conditions slow down, steer gently and avoid harsh braking

Check your lights are working and your windscreen washer is full

If going on a long journey take a shovel, torch, boots, warm clothing, food and a hot drink and charged mobile telephone