Rainy start for Derbyshire today should give way for sunshine and showers

A rainy start to the day is forecast for Derbyshire today, Sunday, March 15, which should be followed by sunshne and some showers.

Sunday, 15th March 2020, 8:12 am
Updated Sunday, 15th March 2020, 8:14 am

The Met Office says there will be some early rain that should soon clear towards the southeast as a weather front clears away.

Sunshine and showers are expected to then follow from the west, according to the Met Office, with windy conditions with fresh southwesterly winds veering westerly.

Rainfall is expected to give way around 2pm and 3pm with a risk of showers to follow, according to the Met Office.

Rainy start for Derbyshire today, Sunday, March 15, to be followed by sunshine and showers.

The Met Office says that by tonight showers should soon fade during the evening.

A clear and chilly night is expected to follow as winds fall and become more light.

The Met Office has forecast a narrow range of temperatures with the day starting at around eight degrees centigrade and only rising to about nine degrees before falling to around five degrees by this evening.