Weaving a web

Heage Windmill cobweb
Heage Windmill cobweb

A POPULAR tourist attraction in Heage has been ‘put to bed’ for the winter — by being ‘wrapped’ in a giant cobweb!

About 300 metres of ‘knicker elastic’ was obtained and, with the help of 22 volunteers and visitors, woven into a large web.

It was then carried from the car park and placed in front of the mill on a grass embankment.

Volunteer Lynn Allen, who masterminded the event, said: “All involved had a great time. There were lots of laughs and people said they plan to build an even larger web next year.”

The cobweb marked the end of the mill’s tenth year as a tourist venue.

The mill will re-open briefly before the end of the year when Father Christmas visits on Sunday, December 4.

The big man in red will arrive at about 1pm.