Why ‘ad the farmer’s pig only got thrae legs?

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Wife’s sister come round other day.

O were on ‘er own on account of ‘er ‘usband bein’dead. Mind, it were rate sad.

Shid sent ‘im up garden to cut a cabbage and ‘e just dade.

I said that were awful and what did o do. ‘pparently shae oppened a tin o’ peas.

Any road, at this point I thote it were time t’ mek me exit.

I want entirely sure where I were gooin’ burrit were a nice day an’ I thote I’d tek in a bit o’ sunshine.

There’s fields at back o’ where we live.

When I were a nipper we used to play in them fields. There were a trough an’ it ‘ad sticklebacks in it an’ wade tay a jam jar an’ catch ‘em. One time, I were there wi’ Webby an’ this bull chased us rate up as far as allotments.

It were Webby’s fault. I toad ‘im not to try and milk it burree wouldn’t listen.

I were walking past farm house when this bloke popped up an’ sez “Aye up youth.

Arrya rate?” I said I were an’ were just about to goo when I spotted this big spotted pig.

I couldn’t ‘elp missen. I sed “That’s a rate ‘andsome pig but ‘ow come it’s only got thrae legs?”

I think farmer were glad o cumpnee ‘cos once ‘e started ay wouldna shurrup.

“It were like this youth. It’s a grand pig that is. Me little gell, ode tae it furra walk. Ode wang sticks across field an’ pig ud chase ‘em. 
Then, one Wednesday, oh took pig art an’ oh fell in brook.

She thought she were gooin’ to drown but pig jumped in an’ saved ‘er.”

I sed it were a rare story but why ‘ad pig only got thrae legs.

Farmer smiled. “It’s a rate good pig is that. Other winter it snowed, rate blizzard it were.

Me lad got stuck in it out be ‘age. Pig musta ‘erd us talkin’ ‘cos next thing pigs off down round ‘eadin toward Ripley an’ ‘age.

Be nar there’s a foot a more o’ snow burrit dunt stop pig. ‘E fun are youth an’ carried ‘im all way from ‘age on ‘is back. Aye, that’s some pig.”

I sed it were burr ‘ow come it’d only got thrae legs.

“Another time wife were ‘avin’ are young ‘un an’ midwife’s car brok darn. You know what, pig toad me t’ put kettle on and get towels an’ ‘e went upstairs to where wife were.

An’ y; no what?

Pig did no more than deliver babbee. A’s a rate smart pig is that.”

Be nar, I’m gerrin’ a bit brassed off an’ I went off on a bit of a rant.

I sed “Oy, I think it’s brilliant that pig saved daughter from drownin’.

“It’s rate good pig trudged throo snow an’ got your son ‘om.

“An’ delivering a babbee, well that’s just rate spectacular.

“But why ‘as pig only got thrae legs? ”

Farmer lent on ‘is stick an’ ‘e sez “Tha conna ate a pig like that all at one goo!”