Will your Derbyshire MP be backing Theresa May's revised Brexit deal? - here's what they said

Derbyshire MPs will vote on Theresa May's revised Brexit deal tonight.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 2:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 2:48 pm
How will your MP vote tonight?

The Prime Minister is currently briefing MPs in the House of Commons on her new deal which she has said is 'improved'.

Mrs May wrote on Twitter this morning: "The deal that MPs voted on in January was not strong enough on the backstop. And legally binding changes were needed to get it right. We have now agreed them."

Here's what Derbyshire MPs said when we asked how they would be voting this evening...

How will your MP vote tonight?

Chesterfield MP, Toby Perkins (Labour)

"The Prime Minister’s deal still offers no certainty about our long term trade arrangements, makes no progress on Northern Ireland and is mired in confusion regarding how we get out of it and its legal status.

"If she backed Labour’s proposal we would still be able to trade freely through membership of the Customs Union and regain control of immigration because we left the single market. We could leave on 29 March as suggested. I expect she will lose tonight, and if she does I will be calling on her to back Labour’s proposal, get a cross party consensus and give our businesses and our communities the certainty they need.

"A WTO or ‘No deal’ Brexit would be costly for businesses and consumers and would fly in the face of the promises I made before I was re-elected in 2017. But Brexit can still be delivered, if the Prime Minister starts working collaboratively."

High Peak MP, Ruth George (Labour)

“I’m voting against the deal as it is a stop-gap arrangement that takes us out of the EU and requires us to negotiate our permanent deal from a position of weakness. That is a bad deal for the UK so I will be voting against it.”

Erewash MP, Maggie Throup (Conservative)

"I will be voting in favour of the deal this evening."

North Derbyshire MP, Lee Rowley (Conservative)

"I’m still reviewing the proposals and going to read the various legal assessments before making a decision."

Derbyshire Dales MP, Patrick McLoughlin (Conservative)

"I shall be continuing to support the Prime Minister."

Mid Derbyshire MP, Pauline Latham (Conservative)

"At the moment I’m waiting to decide once I’ve heard the legal advice."