Woman’s second novel hits shops

NBENBE110704b1, Ambergate woman Jean Heaney has just published her book with help from partner Alan.
NBENBE110704b1, Ambergate woman Jean Heaney has just published her book with help from partner Alan.

A WOMAN who has suffered from multiple sclerosis for more than 30 years has written a book based on her life.

Jean Heaney, 77, who lives in Ambergate, has written A Tale of Two Lucys.

The novel is her second book. Both are written under her pen-name of Jean Buxton, which is her maiden name.

Jean worked as a nurse before doing an Open University degree after her retirement. She gained a BA arts degree in 2002.

“It is always nice to have something you have written in print,” said Jean, of Chase Road. “The first person that read it said they could not put it down.

“It has taken two years on and off to complete. With having MS you have to take things slowly.

“MS affects my life quite a lot. I cannot walk very far and I get tired very easily.

“I was a nurse all my working life and I nursed people with MS. Some people got away lightly, others went downhill quite fast.”

Describing the book, Jean, who was diagnosed with MS in 1977, said: “It is partly autobiographical. The old lady in it is me.

“It covers encounters in her life, as well as experiences of other people as well.

“It is written as a novel so no-one is compromised.”

The back of the book reads: ‘A woman who has suffered from multiple sclerosis for over 30 years looks back on her life, and tells how events have shaped her views on life, death and matters of faith.

‘Intertwined with these thoughts is the ongoing story of her life and that of her daughter and her family. Touching on love and infidelity, bereavement, the costs of living with chronic illness, teenage pregnancy, the importance of spirituality and many other facets of life which a family can encounter.’

Jean was born in Wiltshire. She lived in Derbyshire for more than 30 years before moving to Dorset. After her husband John died she moved back up to the Midlands.

Her first book, entitled Footprints Through a Century: 1880s-1980s was an illustrated non-fictional account that focused on the life of her father John Buxton, who was a photographer in the Royal Air Force.

The latest book was published by Jean’s friend Alan Wildsmith-Towle. It is £9.99 and can be bought from any good book shop or by ringing Jean and Alan on 01773 857061.