Woman’s thanks to the crew for saving her life

NRHNpl120103a1 'Craig Rodgers and Rachelle Roulston hold the cheque for the DLRAA at Swanwick stables
NRHNpl120103a1 'Craig Rodgers and Rachelle Roulston hold the cheque for the DLRAA at Swanwick stables

A BELPER woman who suffered a serious head injury after being thrown from her horse has said thank you to the air ambulance crew who helped save her life.

Rachelle Roulston, who runs Waterside Stables in Swanwick, was riding a young horse when it was frightened by something and she was thrown.

The 29-year-old suffered a serious concussion. Her companions at the stables called the emergency services and the air ambulance was mobilised because of her remote location.

The Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance (DLRAA) crew arrived on the scene within minutes, transporting her to the Royal Derby Hospital for emergency treatment.

The accident happened close to the stables in November, with Rachelle, of Sandbed Lane, needing hospital treatment.

Rachelle, who has made a full recovery and is now back at work, said: “He was just a young horse and he launched me in the air.

“I hit the floor head first and I was knocked clean out for about two minutes.

“I came round properly after about ten minutes, but during that time I was talking complete nonsense – I had lost my short-term memory.

“I can remember the air ambulance coming down and I panicked. But they were just so nice and helpful.”

She said at one point her condition was ‘touch and go’ when she lay in the helicopter. She could not tell what year, or even day, it was due to the concussion.

She said: “I was strapped in and I couldn’t move, I didn’t really realise I was in a helicopter I was too devastated. I remember just thinking, ‘I hope my mind comes back’.”

To say thank you to the air ambulance crew who came to her aid, Rachelle and her colleagues raised £300 with a series of fundraising events.

The East Midlands Airport-based helicopter paramedic crew is entirely funded by donations.

Waterside Stables co-owner, Craig Rodgers, 30, who lives on site, is grateful to the team that saved his partner of five-and-a-half-years.

He said: “The team were here in about five to six minutes, they must have been over at the police headquarters it was so fast.

“Rachelle was lifeless when she hit the floor, it looked like she was unconscious, but they were brilliant.

“We can’t thank them enough really.”

A spokesperson for the DLRAA said: “It is fantastic to know how much the work that we do is appreciated and that Rachelle has made a good recovery.”