Woman who starved her pets to death is sent to jail

A pet owner who starved her three rabbits and guinea pigs to death has been jailed.

Rachael Hutson, 40, from Hawthorne Drive, Cromford, failed to feed and give water to her pets before they died and decomposed in an outhouse.

Her case was heard at Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court

Brian Orsborn, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said: “All six animals were left to suffer and starve to death without care, nutrition or water. Hutson had not seen them since mid-January.

“She asked her older daughter’s boyfriend to check on them at the end of January and he said they were dead and they stayed there until February 20 when an RSPCA inspector went along.”

Hutson pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering, failing to meet the animals’ needs for diet and water, failing to protect them from illness and failing to meet their need for a suitable environment.

Defence solicitor Felicity Clarke said the mother-of-two had a condition affecting her back and had been suffering from depression.

District Judge Andrew Davison said that the animals had suffered slow and painful deaths overat least seven days.

He sentenced Hutson to 16 week’s custody, ordered her to pay £750 costs and banned her from keeping animals.