You say - live and let live to swingers

Calls for your reactions to last week’s story about the Amber Valley MP’s opposition to a ‘swinger’s’ club in Heanor have provoked a deluge.

And the overwhelming majority of readers who had their say expressed a live-and-let-live attitude, backing Xotix Xtreme’s right to trade on Heanor Gate Road.

MP Nigel Mills added his name to a petition with over 320 signatures, calling on Amber Valley Borough Council to reject a planning application to retrospectively to change the building’s use from a former gym, to a place that caters for people who enjoy “intimate times” together and features a dungeon, spa bath and lockable “voyeur” rooms.

Lisa Marie Neale said: “Let them get on with it. From what I’ve heard it’s down the industrial estate - so non-residential. No-one has the right to interfere with another person’s leisure time unless it’s adversely affecting them. This club doesn’t seem to be causing any problems so let’s stop being curtain-twitchers.”

Claire Eadie said: “Each to their own! It’s not harming anyone else so why people are against it I don’t know. People need to stop being offended by things that don’t concern them or affect them, and get on with their lives!”

Cali Lynn said: “I do think that no sex please we’re British attitude is a little out dated now.

“It is nice to see people that don’t think it’s a immoral centre of sin and actually I think most people would find the atmosphere different to what they think.”

Hazel Phipps said: “It really doesn’t bother me. However what does bother me is why some people think its their duty to tell other people what they should and shouldn’t being doing. There are worse things going on in the world than consensual adults having a bit of fun.”

Sonia Goodall said: “Think the prudes are just angry it’s not another charity shop!”

Dave Riley said: “Let the place be as far as I’m concerned - at least it’s better than another empty building to go with half the shops in Heanor town centre. Mills should be worrying about bringing the town centre back to life before jumping on this bandwagon.”

Tracey McKinley said: “It’s bringing me business and the local economy. If they don’t do it there they’ll take their money elsewhere.”

Réanne Doxey said: “It’s your own lives to do with as you see fit; not for others to dictate in the name of honour or church or morals.”