YOUR SAY: Should the trees on King Street be removed?

The trees out side Poundland on King Street are under threat
The trees out side Poundland on King Street are under threat

Shoppers have shown their disgust as a high street chain want to remove four trees in the town centre and more than 400 people have signed a petition to save them.

Christina Powell started the campaign to save the trees on King Street after plans have been submitted to Amber Valley Borough Council to remove them as part of a development which will bring Peacocks clothes chain to the town.

She said: “We are an award winning High Street and it feels wrong that some big chain thinks it can come in and stamp out our heritage because the trees obscure the view.”
So far 457 people have backed the campaign to keep the trees.

Adam Jennings property manager for London and Scottish Property said: “These trees, totally obscure the retail frontage of the shop to the left hand side and in their current position make any possible retail option unfortunately un –workable as they stand.”

George Brydon, countryside and woodlands officer for Derbyshire County Council said: “I believe we may be able to agree to the removal of the trees in question.”

Although the plans have not been granted conditions have already been put in place that the trees if removed must be replaced a silver birches have been suggested.

George said: “The new trees to be maintained for two years and replaced, should they fail during that period.

Unfortunately the existing trees are of such a size and age that moving them elsewhere is not a practical option.”

Christina added: “This is not a good enough option, why cut down perfectly good trees to replace them with more trees?”