A sad end

I knew she was in pain and my heart went out to her as she lay with her head on her front paws.

Teats swollen with milk, cubs waiting the vixen had dragged herself 80 metres towards her goal but it was not to be. She was only on a road doing what she had done for many awhile until some stupid moron had sped up the road at a speed in which she could not avoid it. I called the RSPCA and they came and put the vixen in a cage. She shook her head to me and it was pain not just for the fox but for her babies as well. I carried the fox to the van, my heart heavy, for there are those who say they are vermin.

Let those that think this way, remember who cast the last stone

In Sheffield we are after a 20mph limit on estates, if time means we kill and maim let’s have 20mph on estates for all kinds of animals.

Frank Hardy

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