Alcohol advice is verging into indoctrination

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Every time I turn on the television there seems to be more health advice about drinking. It’s definitely a good thing to raise awareness but I feel that we are tipping over the edge into indoctrination now.

What we do with our bodies is our choice.
It’s all very well to say we should live responsibly because otherwise we are placing a burden on the NHS but I would venture to suggest that the amount of tax we pay on drink outweighs the amount of extra burden placed on our health services.
What this really comes down to is that people want to push their own way of living on to others.
Just because you want to drink cranberry juice and feel superior it doesn’t mean us boozers do.
For me it is a way of flushing out the pressures and worries of the day.
It absolutely should not be used as a crutch, especially when there are mental health issues to consider.
However for those of us who enjoy a drink and yes occasionally get a little bit carried away the amount of guilt that is lumpedon to us is becoming very tiresome indeed. Perhaps we’ll all be sitting in sensory deprivation pods drinking green tea in virtual reality in 50 years time but for now I’ll take a pint of something normal off the bar (not £10.53 for a craft ale from 10,000 miles away) and some human company. Cheers!

Peter James

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