Energy bills - Flawed situation from start to finish

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In the national press today was an admission for the first time that one of the big six utility companies has admitted smart meters will be used to charge premium rates, known as surge energy pricing. 

Householders paying increased prices during periods of peak usage. Variable pricing will be charged by the company using a new tariff being negotiated for early next year. Concrete plans having already been drawn up apparently. It is not beyond the imagination that the other major companies will follow suit.

Personally, I had months of my own energy company arguing I should have a smart meter, finally losing my temper with them when a person rang up from a call centre in Birmingham demanding to know my reasons for not accepting one of their smart meters. 
I am not alone in that situation. We have heard about the original meters going dumb when people try to transfer to a new provider, now we have an admission they plan to charge increased prices during peak hour usage for those with smart meters.

The situation stinks.

Only last week I heard on the radio that the government were unlikely to reach their target of getting the majority of the country to convert to smart meters. 
A flawed situation from start to finish.

A lesson to us all not to believe utility companies and their claims. Buyer beware! Think on.

Brian George

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