Interview was filled with joy and sorrow

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Last month I was visited by a camera crew and producer / director with the aim of probing memories telling a life story of over 70 years through my eyes.

In a conversation extending nearly four hours, I reflected on how things have changed including the joys and sorrows of our gay community in the past.

Imaginative leader Greg Pickup had arrived at my Belper address together with volunteers Michael and Marc to record a video interview for the Other Stories Project.

Derbyshire LGBT+, the charity representing the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community of Derbyshire is running this programme aiming to record stories from the community to make sure they are stored appropriately for the future, sharing with others through displays, exhibitions, events and online.

Congratulations to Greg who has helped Derbyshire LGBT + to be awarded £86,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to organize two years of activities, displays and events across the county and beyond. I’m delighted to have been involved in his excellent work.

The interview was thorough and thoroughly enjoyable taking twists and turns down the road of my occasionally colourful controversial and sometimes naughty life. It gave an opportunity to do funny voices reliving amusing moments imitating several quirky characters. These are real people who inhabit my autobiographic novels based on real events.

I attempted to give a picture of these curious characters taking shelter in their twilight existence; monsters, clowns, the high and the low, the pretentious and the pompous, the scented and the sneering, the common and the crude. My small audience were amused. At the same time, they were also moved by appalling cruelty suffered by those of same-sex attraction in the hostile homophobic landscape of mid 20th century Derbyshire.

Anybody interested in being interviewed can contact

I wish Greg and his team all the success they deserve in this most important enterprise.

Narvel Annable

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