LETTER: Brexit talks causing ‘chaos and confusion’

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Brexiteers come in many guises and need extensive column inches to explain themselves,

One wonders who they are trying to convince, themselves or those who didn’t support them.

The negotiators are now well into their task and all that can be seen for their efforts is continued chaos and confusion.

We all want what is best for us all. Being born before the war and able to see first hand the devastation and consequences of Europe at war I made it my duty to support all attempts to avert any future conflagration and when the time came I voted to join the EU.

I spent my working life in the mining industry and try as I might I cannot find any way that I have been disadvantaged by being in the EU.

I know that whatever the future outcomes are it will not unduly affect me I have had my life my only concern is for those following.

Any case being made from any source by anybody is ill served by implied, accidental or deliberate abuse or bullying.

Democracy should always prevail.

Noel Beresford

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