LETTER: Concern over state of town’s East Mill

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It’s with some concern that I write about the East Mill in Belper. 
With it being on ‘all approach’ roads from the north and in it’s current condition, the current company are showing lack of interest in keeping the building as it should be kept.

It has the ESCC sign dropping off the tower of the building, windows broken and glass missing.

If something is not done quickly then Belper will have just a dilapidated shell and nothing more.

If this no doubt investment company are not prepared to bring this building up to a decent level then the Amber Valley Borough Council should take control by issuing a compulsory order, it would be ideal for Belper to have at least the Union Jack flying over such a great building as this.

We must not, we cannot, let this building go into anymore disrepair as it will be in soon.
We hear nothing from Amber Valley Council about this. It is in their interest.

W. Parkin