LETTER: Housing plan would ‘devastate’ area


The old name for Belper was Beau Repair meaning beautiful retreat an apt title as the beautiful fields around Belper are retreating.

The developers’ juggernaut inexorably, slowly but surely, devours the green areas around the town with the council seemingly unwilling or unable or without the necessary finances to oppose the developers and the minister for housing if it so wished. If this is the case we should all be concerned, the environment and infrastructure seems to play little part in development decisions.

So much for democracy and I thought that the government was giving more devolution to the provinces?

A current threat of development is to about eight hectares of open country side at north west Belper near Shireoaks and Belper Lane, this is in an elevated position and to those who know it would describe it as one of the most beautiful and outstanding parts of Belper with superb views, it must not go, what has been here for millennia would be lost forever.

An incursion into this country side would be inconceivable, devastating and not acceptable.

I have seen the development of the Strutt’s house gardens, Mount Pleasant Drive, Whitehouse Rise to Oakhurst Close but never dreamt that I would see the day for this area of fields to be lost to housing.

Malcolm Neaum