LETTER: Languages - Something must have stuck in

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It’s wonderful that the world’s best teacher, Andria Zafirkou, can greet her pupils in 35 different tongues. It’s just a shame that she needs to!

When I was at Herbert Strutt Grammar School in Belper in the late 40s and early 50s only Miss Saul our rather fierce French teacher greeted us in French. Bonjour mes enfants if I recall. Still it stood me in good stead as whilst living and working in Basel in the ethnically German part of Switzerland during the early 60s. It enabled me to speak with any Swiss French folks I met there.

Then in 1983, I was studying in Oxford as a mature student and as well as my British History with General Sociology course I managed to pass an Institute of Linguists Advanced exam in French! So although I never liked Miss Saul (and she wasn’t keen on me or my mates!) something must have stuck in.

Granville V Stone


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