LETTER: Prime Minister should shut House of Lords

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How dare they? A group of people who sit in the House of Lords calling themselves lords and ladies all being appointed in one form or another, never been elected by the British public.

Most of them have been living off the state all their lives and still raking in £300 a day and trying to force their will on to the elected Government of the day.

The sooner Theresa May gets rid of this festering carbuncle of silly old fools the sooner the better and turn the place into a home for bewildered lords and ladies the better.

You would not have your children overruling you. I did not vote for any lord or lady and neither did any one else.

The British people voted for Brexit and the clear message was all about immigration not who can and cannot stay and by the way I am 80 next year and I don’t drop off to sleep in the afternoon - I am too busy - food for thought.

A. Warner

Denby village