LETTER: Street lights backlog ‘is now being cleared’

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In response to Councillor Simon Spencer’s letter in the March 2 edition of the Belper News:-
Our apologies that at present we have not been able to provide the level of service you would normally expect.
Older style orange lights need changing regularly, usually every three or four years. As a result we used to change all the lights in an area in one go before they started to fail in large numbers, but due to budget cuts we can no longer afford to do this. When lights go out we now only replace them when a number in the same area need replacing as we simply cannot afford to send maintenance workers to change one light at a time.
Reduced budgets mean we only have a small team of electricians to cover the whole county and it is taking longer than we would normally expect to attend to the repairs in each area.
We appreciate the inconvenience and annoyance caused when street lights fail and we hope you can understand that with limited resources, we have to prioritise how the council’s money is spent. We are, however, pleased to be able to tell you that additional electricians have been appointed and are now working to clear the backlog.
If you notice any faulty lights these can be reported through the Derbyshire County Council website @ http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/

Celia Cox

County Councillor for Heanor Central