Letter: When can opinions be made in Scotland independence vote

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Scottish Independence: The Yes campaign in Scotland

We are hearing of a large amount of comment from the Yes campaign, how they intend to keep the pound, how they intend to remain members of the EU regardless of the legal issues or the current stance of the EU institutions.

They have also stated that contrary to current EU law, they will not allow EU citizens from the remaining UK free university places, but will continue to let EU citizens from every other country access to free university education.  

If the vote in September gives a mandate for independence, what will happen to the UK parliament in March 2016 as there will be 59 members of parliament; 41 labour, 11 Liberal Democrats, six SNP and one Conservative: who will have no constituency in the new UK.  

In-between the vote for independence and the day of independence, there will be a UK general election.

Some of the MP’s will have no legitimate or legal basis for being members at Westminster as their constituencies will have ceased to exist, will we need a new general election?  

Will the then UK Government fall as a consequence of independence?

Our current MP Andrew Jones has been very helpful and has sent copies of deliberations from the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution who seem to be the only Government body discussing the issues.

When are we as citizens of the UK to be given the time or platform to make our views known on the separation of Scotland from the rest of the UK and the resultant effect on the UK’s democracy?

Andrew Dennis

St John’s Road,