Politicians stories were ironic

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In last week’s edition of Belper News, we had coverage of a photo op for Nigel Mills MP at Kilburn School’s ‘Nurture Group’ - totally ironic given the cuts that the Conservative government he belongs to have implemented for children who need extra support in a mainstream school.

Turn a few pages and we have Pauline Latham supporting World Book Day’s ‘Share a Story’ campaign, where she talks about sharing stories together in the library - again, ironic, given the number of libraries closing or being moved into the hands of volunteers due to her government’s ideological austerity measures.

Turn a couple more pages and we have Derbyshire County Council Leader, Barry Lewis bemoaning the fact that the amount of funding we get from the Conservative government (that presumably he voted for) is unfair, is creating the need for cuts to services, and is much less than is given to councils in London. Turn a few more pages, and we have Lee Rowley, Conservative MP, introducing a bill to Parliament to stop fracking companies causing earthquakes - when fracking is totally supported by the government he is part of. Are they all suffering from cognitive dissonance? Don’t they understand that where they placed their cross on the ballot paper has created these consequences? Aside from anything else, in the case of Barry Lewis and Lee Rowley, we are paying them (through taxation) for the time they are taking to complain and lobby their own government - who they voted for in the first place!

So, to be clear, these are the ridiculous situations you are creating if you vote Conservative - at any level of government. Given the total mess we are in, even without going into the entire Brexit fiasco, why is anybody still doing that?

Sue MacFarlane

Member of Amber Valley Green Party

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