Shameful amounts of litter dumped in town

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Today, my friend Dolcie Stewart-Douglas and I went litter picking around Belper.

Every day, when we are walking home from Belper School and Sixth Form Centre, we see lots of rubbish in the form of cans and bottles.

We decided that we needed to take action on this. It was appalling how much we managed to pick up. We filled two big bags just from walking up to school and around Morrison’s.

I was quite ashamed to say we that found this much. We didn’t even pick it all up because sometimes there was just too much. 
People think that dropping a small thing like a chocolate bar wrapper is okay, but it isn’t. If everyone did that just once in a while, our streets would be filled with wrappers. 
We managed to get around 5kg of all sorts of rubbish, from pizza boxes to chippy forks. 
I think maybe getting a few more bins around Belper, particularly around schools and shops would help tremendously. Even just raising awareness would help the cause.

Sophia Evennett-Bowker

By email

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